today was awesome :)

today was AWESOME -,- see that ? means it's not AWESOME at all. today was super duper tiring day. had a lot of homework. and the CNY's holidays is around the corner. I'll be dead tonight because the principal asked us to pass up all our books by this friday. with a lot of homework, it seems I'm running out of time :( bullshit.

account's lesson getting harder and harder. the more I learnt, the more I don't understand the subject was. no matter what, I HAVE TO BE MASTER IN THIS SUBJECT. MUST BE ! today's job is lesser than yesterday. everything has been settled up, just left the table's wrapping which I'm going to buy this weekend. and yeah, this friday ? a PIBG's meeting. thank god ! there will be no lesson on that day. there's no PnP also. TEHEE :D what happened today ? nothing interesting.

BUT ...

it went interesting during science's lesson. seems science has been my favorite subject currently. I love science very much ! * kinda of. HAHAHAHA ! again, I had a lot of fun laughing during science's lesson with tiqqah & ernie. guess what, there's a lot of students envy towards aliyya. because she always got into a hate from someone. oh who cares ? pergi lah mati ! you guys are acting like a kindergarten students. drop that act people ! it look stupid in yourself :'> sorry, nothing interesting happened today. I know, today I'm little bit boring. I'm forfeit of mood, I'm very unpleasant today. I don't know why. I hope tomorrow would be better than today. yeahh ! I got PJ tomorrow. will not wearing that orange's uniform ! IDGAF !